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NMB Associates, Inc. specializes in guiding and managing the technology infrastructure of your business as an integral part of your organization

Effective technology leadership for your staff at a fraction of the cost of a full time candidate and effective control of your technology assets

Eliminate integration technical issues, resulting in cost effective services and equipment that work together, with timely and effective implementation

Keep your servers, workstations, applications and security infrastructure up-to-date on a consistent and non-intrusive basis

A Managed Technology Service Provider
serving the Denver, Colorado Metro Area

Technology plays a part in all business ranging from simple telephones and a few PCs to complex technology infrastructures embedded in multiple, linked business processes. Effective Technology accelerates and adapts to business processes creating buiness value.

Poorly maintained or disjointed technolgies are a drag on processes and hinder business operating improvements. With the ever accelerating advances in technology even modest inattention to communications, computing, software, security, mobile and other elements results in unnecessarily expensive, disjointed and disruptive operations.

Symptoms include Communications Services that are both inadequate and overly expensive, Communications Circuits that are being billed but were abandoned years ago. Computers that are painfully slow, out of date or require continuous attention to keep running their primary functions. A tendancy to enter data multiple times into multiple systems or an inability to get reporting and other information vital to running your business. Phone systems that are often busy or voice mail that fills up quickley, frequent expensive overages on cell phone bills. Multiple communications, telephone, wireless, Internet, security computer and other vendors that are expensive and difficult to manage and coordinate with excessive time spent on support calls are all indications of poorly structured technology resources.

If you often have the feeling that you should pay some attention to one or more areas of your technology infrastructure, but continuously get distracted by day to day business or lost in trying to decipher the quicksand of shifting technology trends, or a feeling that you just can’t keep up, you may be a candidate for NMB Associates, Inc. Services.

NMB Associates, Inc. - Successful Technology Strategy

Case Study
EhrenWerks, LLC
NMBA revamped and upgraded internal and external networks, streamlining their workflow and shoring up efficiency and security of hosting environments.
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Do You Have a Strategic Plan?
Technology is constantly evolving. Let NMBA help you down the right path with the right plan and technology. for an initial consultation.
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