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NMB Associates serves many types of businesses in many industries
over a range of business activity.

Clients that benefit best from our services employ systems ranging from 5-10 PCs and need for at least 1 server to several hundred PCs with many servers and / locations.  Established small businesses in this range, Startups with lean budgets, corporate branch offices and others fit well.

Our broad experience brings insight to your individual business needs allowing application of technologies and services optimized for your situation.  References are available on request.

Typical client profiles are characterized as:

Professional Services

  • Medical (HIPPA Compliance, EMR, Billing, Claims processing, Labs, etc.)
  • Legal (Billing / Matter, Multiple Application Suites, Courts, IP, etc.)
  • Accounting (In-House, CPAs, Tax, etc.)
  • Real Estate (Commercial, Residential)

Manufacturing (Start Up, High Growth, Stable)

  • High Volume, High Technology , Other
  • Low Volume , Specialty, Other

Engineering (Projects, Systems, Hardware, Software)

  • Development Infrastructure (Web, CAD, Version Control, etc.)
  • Production Platforms (Hosting, E-Commerce, KAN BAN, other)
  • Project Management (Planning Infrastructure, Time, Resources, Earned Value, etc.)
  • Administration Infrastructure (Time Sheets, Expenses, Billing, Payroll, etc.)


  • Moving & Storage
  • Distribution / Logistics
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