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The frenetic pace of technology development
brings new capabilities to market daily.

Planning Technology

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Technology Strategy
With these advances the structure of the high tech industry also changes rapidly. Companies and entire industry segments can arise and then disappear in the course of a few years. With a firm grasp of current industry trends, systems compatibily, and your business process requirements buying equipment and committing to long term service contracts can be done with an eye to long useful life without need for interim replacement.

How we do it.
To effectively deploy technology for your Company NMB Associates, Inc. develops and maintains a Strategic Technology Plan for each client. Based on years of experience and continuous activity in the communications, computer, software, Internet, voice and security industries we are aware of emerging trends, pricing and industry shifts that bear on the future usefulness of each purchase. When coupled with your management requirements and selection for their ability to play together well with your existing technologies key purchasing decisions delivery the "right stuff" for you.

Other practices such as constant purchase price points and use of emerging technologies relatively early in the technology life cycle delivers optimum value from your purchases.

How we do it.
Guided by a clear strategy your systems and equipment will provide long, trouble free, high performance operation for years at a time allowing you to concentrate on your business.

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NMB Associates, Inc. - Successful Technology Strategy

Recognizing the Problem

You purchase technology equipment and services as the need arises from existing vendors, based on current advertising and sales or purchases are made by individual departments or locations or based solely on cost, (you are probably not getting your money’s worth). The rapid pace of technology advancement works against this approach, devaluing your purchases very rapidly.

Symptoms are; purchased equipment becomes obsolete within a year or two and requires replacement or upgrades, will not integrate with your network without further expense, cannot be shared easily with others or just won’t do the job intended; people are telling you that the equipment you have is incompatible with their offering and will have to be replaced; similar equipment (PCs, servers, etc.)bears logos from several different vendors; multiple versions of similar software abound, (word processing, etc.); communications service costs are high with exorbitant fees required to re-configure services to more effective offerings; monthly bills from multiple service vendors add up to astronomical total communications costs (often unseen) and other similar situations reflecting high cost of ownership exist.

If you sense your efforts to save money on technology purchases just not working or you are often faced with unexpected technology expenses you may be a candidate for NMB Associates, Inc. Strategic Technology Planning Services.


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