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To achieve business centric and efficient technology operations you must guide all technology elements based on  a coherent technology vision

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Managing Technology

Framing the Problem
To achieve business centric and efficient technology operations you must guide all technology elements based on  a coherent technology vision and manage vendors, carriers, equipment providers, operations and maintenance resources from a single management point.  This includes in-house resources, direct and in-direct contractors and suppliers, service providers and others who contribute to your technology infrastructure.

How we do it
To meet this need an NMBA senior consultant joins your management team as an integral and on going member. From this perspective we continuously interact with your management team to ascertain key technology requirements.  To synchronize emerging technology trends with these requirements an evolving strategic plan is developed and maintained.   NMBA. then takes over selection, management and direction of all technology vendors, contractors, in-house technology staff, implementation projects and operations.

The result is the addition of effective technology leadership to your staff. This service is offered at a fraction of the cost of a full time CIO candidate while giving effective control of your technology assets. The operations savings from carefully selected vendors and services alone often justifies NMBA fees.

Additionally, our senior consultants benefit from seeing the technology strategies at many different business types and are exposed daily to emerging technologies from many fields. This often allows us to provide insights, planning and capabilities beyond those traditionally practiced in your particular Industry.

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Successful Technology Strategy

Recognizing the Problem

Often Technology Management falls on the desk of various employees and/or managers. Many are not primarily concerned with or highly trained in the technology element they manage. This leaves no one responsible for the overall strategy and effectiveness of deployed resources.

Symptoms: Your receptionist manages the telephone system through a long term vendor. Voice Communications services are ordered by your CFO or Controller. Data Services are ordered and managed by an in-house or contract network administrator. Your web site is managed by your sales VP or a marketing consultant, etc.

If you often feel that you have too many systems and services that cost too much. Or you cannot pin point the one person capable, qualified or interested in managing all of your technology assets. And/or you cannot justify a full time technology management position you may be a candidate for NMB Associates, Inc. Technology Management Services.

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