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Great Plains Moving and Storage

Transportation Company

  •  75-105 Employees (seasonal)
  • 2 Lines of Business – Moving & Storage, Distribution & Logistics
  • Two Locations Home Office and Branch Office

NMBA Scope


  • Strategic and Budgetary Planning
  • Screen, choose and direct activities and orders for all IT Vendors and Contractors
  • Design, procure and implement (directly or via vendors) all additions, upgrades and replacement systems and equipment
  • Operate or manage operation of all systems and services

Systems and Services

  • Communications - All Voice, Data and Security communications inside and outside the Company
    • 3 Carriers
    • 4 Integrated Access T-1 Lines (45 Voice, Dynamic with Data)
    • 8 CO Phone Lines (Fire, Security, FAX/Emergency)
    • 35 Cell Phones
  • Infrastructure - All Servers, Applications, Networks, Workstations, Peripherals, Telephone Systems
    • 6 Servers – Accounting, Exchange E-Mail, Terminal Services, Security, Branch Office, Network Management
    • Gigabit Switching, Cisco Routing, Fiber and Copper connectivity on Multiple internal networks
    • 45 Office Workstations, 6 Sales Laptops, 3 production Document Scanners, Printers
    • 2 Telephone Switches
      •  36 Lines x 48 Extensions – Serving 5 business groups
      •  9 Lines x 15 Extensions – Serving 2 business groups
    • Inside access to dozens of secure Web Applications, VPNs to Branch, Headquarters and Support locations, Automatic Data Collection and Transmittal to service providers plus access to local server based applications.
    • Outside access to internal applications, Web and Web Connected E-Mail plus Systems Support facilities.
  • Security
    • Advanced video surveillance high value cargo and operations
    • Perimeter security systems and monitoring vendor, three locations
    • ISO certified fire sprinkler and monitoring systems, two locations


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